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Who we are 

The Guelph Wellington Coalition for Social Justice is a citizen-led coalition of individuals and organizations that advocates for equity, inclusivity and the wellbeing of our community.


What we do 

We promote and engage in a variety of local, provincial and national campaigns that impact our community. Issues that matter include those related to health, education, human rights, the environment, and governance.

Statement of non-violence

We believe:


  • ​in peaceful protest and non-violent civil disobedience

  • ​our message of peace and justice is not served by images of violence and destruction.

  • that ​a better world is possible and that in the common struggle to build it, our methods must be consistent with our goals

Note: the ideas in this statement are borrowed with permission from the Council of Canadians, an organization whose activities inspire us.


Non-partisan stance

Our Coalition represents a diverse variety of interests and does not directly support any particular: 

  • particular political party

  • Members of either Federal or Provincial or Municipal government 

  • ​candidates running for any elected office.

As such, we do not share direct links to partisan websites or social media on this website or any other media we support or sponsor.

We may, however, publish informative content about political or controversial topics in alignment of the principles of our mandate.

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