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What better way to secure the core value of “looking after one another” than by protecting our democratic process? 

Democracy is a complex and powerful thing but it can also be fragile. For it to work properly and continue to benefit us all, the process absolutely requires that we all remain aware of and engaged in the issues of the day.  Perhaps we have come to depend too much on leadership and not enough on ourselves. 

A way to social justice


Both during election campaigns, and between them, we need to stay informed about what all the political parties are saying. And when possible, we must find, encourage and support good people to run for office.


Just like everything in life, politics and good governance are about having good people on your side.  Withdrawing from the process of selecting them, for whatever reason, is not helpful.


Today’s advances in social media have made it much easier to let our governments and politicians know, at all levels, what we expect of them but we need to remind ourselves that comments on social media do not constitute a ballot or a vote.


We all need to become, or remain, involved in the democracy we have.  If we forget to use it we could, just possibly, lose it​

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